Changelog - Version 0.50

Version 0.50


  • New Style for Admin Panel
  • Navigation tree in the Admin panel
  • Quick links in the Admin panel
  • Toast messages for panel notifications
  • Option Back to page after backup
    1. Pages list
    2. Editing page
    3. Published page
  • Link "scroll to top " (css editing required)
  • Anti-spam Extension Support (Multi-user)


  • Side Box title
  • TinyMCE Editor for Boxes
  • Directory Creation in File Explorer
  • Scripts for modal dialogs in admin
  • Inactive pages return error 404 for Visitors
  • Inactive Pages display message and editor to administrators
  • Admin -> Categories List -> The link to the name of the category refers to the list of pages
  • Admin -> Pages list -> Added direct links to the properties of category and menu box


  • "Antispam" extension renamed in -> "captcha"
  • Simple extension



  • Activate debug option to show errors
  • Removed some XHTML tags
  • Correct regression for categories creation on multilingual sites
  • UTF-8 language errors on quick page and box administration
  • PHP control on empty fields in categories creation

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